Our Services

Β2KAPITAL S.A. (register number 140536701000, licensed by Bank of Greece) aims to manage loan and credit claims on behalf of financial institutions and third parties -such as B2 Holding Group- according to best practices and in compliance with legal and regulatory framework.


We focus primarily on key loan types, such as unsecured consumer loans, residential mortgages, and corporate loans to small and medium-size businesses with annual turnover up to 50 million euro.


Retail banking claims  

Our focus on retail banking claims reflects the size of this type of NPL stock and the corresponding need for systematic ways to effectively address the problem. Thanks to the vast expertise and support of B2 Holding, a Group of companies specializing in settling such claims, B2KAPITAL can offer proper and long-term sustainable work-out solutions.


The segmentation and clustering of non-performing loans is driven by the claim’s age or vintage, as well as by the management methodology that should be applied. To efficiently manage such claims, B2KAPITAL evaluates all available data regarding the debtors’ reasonable living expenses, and identifies the recovery options for each position.


Corporate Loans to Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs)

We also focus on non-performing SME loans because small and medium-size businesses are the backbone of the Greek economy: they represent 99% of all businesses and provide 85% of the total employment in Greece, with nearly two million job positions. In B2KAPITAL, we believe that there is a significant improvement margin in regards to the recovery of non-performing SME loans, while the number of companies that have the skills and the expertise to do that is relatively small.
In B2KAPITAL we also believe that each non-performing loan has its own unique characteristics and must be, therefore, serviced accordingly. Our NPL management methodology involves the analysis of each business’ viability and its long-term prospects, in conjunction with various recovery options, as well as the ability to devise an action plan regarding the work-out of non-performing loan positions at cluster level.